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Medical Records Management

What is Clicmedic?

ClicMedic is a management solution, built for medical and doctors’ offices to facilitate their daily management tasks. The solution allows the recording and tracking of their patients, and provide multiple modules allowing :

  • The management of the appointments.
  • A complete document management module.
  • Prescriptions editing.
  • Management of the incomes and expenses.
  • Tracking of the different treatments
  • Management of the clinic’s beds
  • Ability to records notes, calls, and mails (incoming and outgoing).

Technologies used in CLICMEDIC

The solution was built using mainly Microsoft technologies. Being a web application, we used the following technologies:

  • ASP.net & C#: For the core back end
  • SQL Server : for the backend
  • Entity Framework 6 : for the data access (CRUD) operations
  • BootStrap, CSS3 & JS: For the front end
  • Other JS frameworks.
ClicRH HR Management Solution
microsoft sql server
html css solution
Entity framework


More details

Want to know more ?

You can learn more about this solution from here


A demo version has been made available for our users, which allows you to test the different functionalities of the system.

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