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XGED – Document Management Solution

What is XGED?

XGED is a document management application, built to simplify the daily tasks of your users. Inspired by SharePoint, XGED provides similar functionalities in a more user friendly and simplified way. It provides multiple modules such as:

  • Organisation of your files in Areas and folders.
  • Ability to structure your sub areas and folders.
  • Permissions inheritance and unique permissions models.
  • Version history (tracking of all the versions), with the ability to view and restore older versions.
  • Notification module for new version, deletion and restoration of previous versions.
  • Logging of different actions (view, upload, delete, restore …etc.)
  • Quick and simple search …etc.


Your files are saved locally or in a network share, in a very organized way, i.e:

  • Each area has a dedicated folder (A_XX)
  • Folders are created in each area and are all named (F_XX)
  • Your files are uploaded into folders and all the previous version are saved under the same name with a unique identifier.
  • All the deleted areas, folders and files are prefixed with [Deleted] and can be easily restored.
  • The files structure and metadata are saved in the back end SQL Server DB.
  • The separation of actual files and metadata, allows an easy backup, restore and DR strategy.

Technologies used

The solution was built using mainly Microsoft technologies. Being a web application, we used the following technologies:

  • & C#: For the core back end
  • SQL Server : for the backend
  • Entity Framework 6 : for the data access (CRUD) operations
  • BootStrap, CSS3 & JS: For the front end
  • Other JS frameworks.
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