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Access your mailbox from Teams
LogiMail 365
A simple and user friendly solution to interact with your mailbox, send and receive emails right from Microsoft Teams

Improve Teams Adoption and reduce time switching between Teams and Outlook

Introducing LogiMail 365

With the remote work becoming more and more the new normal, and the huge and quick adoption of Teams, we have noticed a gap in the tools suite offered to your users. While Teams is great, no question asked for ad-hoc communications (calls, chats, and collaboration), there is still a need for constant interaction with your Emails.

We’ve have noticed users over time, and spotted a big time waste and lost of concentration in context-switching between Teams and Outlook.

This constant switch reduces considerably your teams efficiency and productivity. And this is exactly what we are trying to fixe with LogiMail 365
Built as a custom Teams Application, LogiMail 365 integrates smoothly with your Teams Client (Web or Desktop) and allows users to check their emails, reply and send new emails right from the place where they spend the biggest part of their day at work.

Why LogiMail 365 ?
teams (Demo)
Integrated in Teams
No more interruptions. Your users can send emails, check their mailbox and reply rights from MS Teams.
User friendly !
No training needed, very simple and intuitive user interface.
Focus & Productivity
Improved productivity and reduction of time waste switching between Teams and Outlook

MaiN Features

Integrated in Teams
LogiMail365 integrates directly in Teams, which allows your users access to their mailbox without leaving Teams
Access your Mailbox folders
LogiMail365 gives you access to your inbox folders, received and sent emails, with different filters (read, unread ...etc)
New emails
With LogiMail365 you can create and send new emails with rich editor (for content formatting)
Archiving and Deleting
You can archive and/or delete emails directly from LogiMail365
Quick Filter
You can quickly search your emails and filter the view by subject, sender ...etc.
Quick Reply
You can easily reply and include the received content, LogiMail365 will pre-populate the different fields for, just write your response and Voila !

Access your Mailbox from Teams

Your users can access their mailboxes without leaving Microsoft Teams

From the Teams Client,

  1. Navigate to the app (which can be pinned to the left rail bar of Teams Client)
  2. When the app loads, users can access different folders from their mailbox.
  3. Select an email to read, delete and/or reply.

New Email

From your Teams’ client

  1. Navigate to the LogiMail365 app
  2. From the left panel (folders’ list), select the ‘New’ button
  3. This will open the new email screen.
  4. Populate the different fields (To, Cc, Subject), and write your email’s content using the rich text editor.
  5. The email content area allows you to insert images, tables, and format your text.
  6. Once done, click ‘Send’ to … well, send the email !

Reply to your emails

From your Teams’ client

  1. Navigate to the LogiMail365 app
  2. Select an email to preview it.
  3. From the top right, click the ‘Reply’ button.
  4. A new screen will be displayed, with a pre-populated field (To, Subject, CC).

Delete an Email

From your Teams’ client

  1. Navigate to the LogiMail365 app
  2. Select an email to preview it.
  3. From the top right, click the ‘Delete’ button.

Quick look

Technologies Used

We have used Microsoft 365 technologies to build LogiMail365. Deploying this solution within your tenant does not require any third party app, component or technology, nor any premium licences.


The entire solution is built within Teams. No need to integrate any third party tools or technologies.


The front end and UI has been built using PowerApps Canvas App.


Data validation and business processes have been built within PowerAutomate.


We will be pleased to hear from you, arrange a demo or an introduction call to discuss different aspects of the LogiMail365 Solution (architecture, functional and licensing) with you.

You can reach us on:

Tel: +44(0) 7864 931 047


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