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FixiT – HelpDesk

What is Fixit ?

Fixit, is a HelpDesk platform intended for small and medium-sized businesses, more specifically for companies’ IT departments, to provide their users with an internal portal accessible from any device (Fully responsive) to report IT issues or seek assistance (Tickets).

Whether it’s a new hardware request, need help with the use of software, password reset, or reporting any bug, FixIt automates and speeds up the whole process by offering an interface for users and the IT team to communicate (chats), send attachments (error screenshot), assign the ticket to different teams / IT members & resolve the tickets; all these tasks in the same place.

Why another HelpDesk system?

We had one particular requirement that we ensured will be our top priority while building this solution which is the UI (User interface).

We have all seen at some point during our career some good HelpDesk solutions which probably can do most of the job that you expect from them, however, the shared issue between all these HelpDesk systems is the poor UI, and trying to understand the root cause of this poor UI and UX, we could reach the conclusion that ‘Most help desk systems are built by IT People for IT People’ and this is the issue.

Please remember Millennials represent now a big percentage of the workforce in most organizations. These employees in their mid-twenties/the late thirties have experienced very smooth, rich, and modern user interfaces throughout their life, and they expect to work with modern systems when coming to their workplace.

FixIT Modules

Fixit offers other functionalities in addition to the core module (Managing the IT Tickets).

Frequently asked questions

For the frequent questions, you can list all you pre-defined answers in a knowledge base for your users to refer. You can also use a predefined answer to resolve a ticket (in case of recurrent requests).

Passwords Keeper

You can store all your passwords in the Password Safe (everything will be encrypted), you can decide who can have access to a password, and any password access (revealed) will be logged in a secure readable only log.

Easily adaptable

You can easily customise all the items on the platform as we believe that you need a system that adapts to your organisation rather than having to adapt your organisation to a system.

Notifications & Reminders (SLA)

Your users will be notified for any event related to their tickets (conversation, attachment, change of assignment), and your it employees will be reminded for outstanding tickets, approaching a breach of the agreed SLA (which can be easily configured).

Performance Dashboards

As team leaders or IT managers, you can check the performances of your team, or have a dashboard displaying the stats of requests your team has received by type, department, group of IT operators …etc.

This can be very helpful also for organising your resources.

Software Licence Manager

You can store all your software licences in the Licence Manager, this module will also remind you of renewal dates, and allows you to control your spending’s by supplier or area.

Technologies used in FixiT

The FixiT solution was built using mainly Microsoft technologies. Being a web application, we used the following technologies:

  • & C#: For the core back end
  • SQL Server : for the backend
  • Entity Framework 6 : for the data access (CRUD) operations
  • BootStrap, CSS3 & JS: For the front end
  • Other JS frameworks.
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microsoft sql server
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Entity framework


More details about FixiT

Want to learn more ?

You can learn more about this solution from


A demo version has been made available for our users, which allows you to test the different functionalities of the system.

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