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Calendar Sync tool integrated in Teams
CalSync 365
Synchronise your calendar events to an external or secondary mailbox.

All you calendars synchronised in one place !

Introducing LogiMail 365

The main goal is to allow you select the events or interval for which you want to copy the event to a different calendar.

This solution has been requested for a long time by colleague who want to have access to their calendar without having to fiddle with the O365 settings or set another account on their personal devices.

Very practical in case you have access to different mailboxes and want to sync your events from different mailboxes into one central Calendar.

Why CalSync365 ?
teams (Demo)
Integrated in Teams
The App integrates directly in Teams and allows you to copy your events to a second mailbox
User friendly !
In just 3 simple steps, the app is user friendly and very simple to use.
Focus & Productivity
Centralise all your calendars in one place, and have an overview of your different events and day load.

The process of CalSync 365

1. Select the events you want to synchronise

From the main page, you can filter by date (interval) or keywords (from, subject…etc.)
Select from the list the different events you want to synchronise

2. Set your Sync configuration

You can configure the synchronisation before processing. This section of the app allows you to:

  1. Include or not the invite body
  2. Prefix your new events with the tenant name (so you know from which calendars the events are coming)
  3. Include or not the attendees (required and optional)
3. Set your second email address

Specify where you want to send your events (your secondary mailbox) and click “send”

Quick look

Technologies Used

We have used Microsoft 365 technologies to build LogiMail365. Deploying this solution within your tenant does not require any third party app, component or technology, nor any premium licences.


The entire solution is built within Teams. No need to integrate any third party tools or technologies.


The front end and UI has been built using PowerApps Canvas App.


The application interacts with your data using the Microsoft Graph, no events or personal details are saved outside MS Graph


We will be pleased to hear from you, arrange a demo or an introduction call to discuss different aspects of the CalSync365 Solution (architecture, functional and licensing) with you.

You can reach us on:

Tel: +44(0) 7864 931 047


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