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SafetyX – Safety & Incidents Management Solution

SafetyX is a custom web solution which can be deployed locally or online (SaaS), which allows companies to manage and track the health, safety and environment incidents and safety observations.
Main features

SafetyX has multiple modules which allow the management and tracking of the different incidents and observations and ensure a safe work environment.

Incidents Management

Managing the safety incidents, with the internal review reports, documents, tasks and timeline.

Safety Observations

Safety observations can be reported and the appropriate actions will be generated to mitigate any risks involved.

Tasks Tracking

Mitigation tasks can be created and attached to incidents or safety observations, with reminders (notifications) and reports.



Log in to a demo environment and test the different functionalities of the SafetyX system.


If you have any question, suggestion, or need some clarifications about the SafetyX solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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