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HR Change Requests (Power Platform)

At Nest, the HR Change requests process was so painful and stressful for the users.

The process was triggered by an Excel form which was supposed to be filled by the users. HR Team came with one form for all the changes, with a lot of unnecessary questions and difficult to populate (no data validation nor lookups).

Once the users have populated the form, this last, was sent to the HR Team shared mailbox to be actioned.
The problem
Time consuming processes
Due to the excel based, complicated template; HR Requests were taking too long to be processed
No Reporting capabilities
Data being embedded in different excel forms and emails, was useless when it came to reporting & the management had little to no visibility.
Hard to maintain or evolve
As the requests were sent via an excel template, which was too complex and clunky, it became unmanageable.
The Solution
One Central Application
We built a PowerApps Canvas Application to be used by both HR and End users, with a nice and intuitive UI
Advanced Reporting
The PowerApps solution provide the users with advanced reporting capabilities and requests analytics, allowing the stakeholders and management to have a precise overview of the HR requests.
Flexible and easy to maintain
We built a dynamic architecture allowing the HR to customise the different requets' questions and questions types (Data type, Questions order, Mandatory vs optional fields...etc.) without the involvement of the IT Teams.

Within two months, we were able to build a nice, easy to use Power App application.

The App is a Canvas Application using Data Verse in the backend for data storage, with multiple Power Automates to conduct the business logics (Notifications, Reminders, and Data Processing).

Within the same App, different users will have different roles, and when the App loads, it will direct the users to the right screen based on their permissions.

We made sure, the change requests’ types were fully configurable by providing HR team with an interface to define:

  • The list of questions in the system (Effective Date, New Job Title, Manager, Department…etc.).
  • The data type for each question (Text, Number, Yes/No, DropDown, People Picker …etc.).
  • The capacity to create a new change request type and select which questions apply to the new change type.
  • Required approval for the change type (Line Manager, HR, Budget Holder …etc.).
  • The help section’s content for each change type, which will be displayed on the right side panel to assist the users with their request.

Processing time of the HR Requests was reduced from +5 Working Days to couple of hours.

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