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Power Platform Governance

Stable, Secure and Optimised Power PLatform Environment
Why Governance ?

Many companies have already made investments in PowerPlatform, whether it is to create important business applications or test the platform’s capabilities. However, just because Microsoft wants more Power Users to take advantage of these capabilities, it does not mean that IT should overlook the need for a proper governance policy around this powerful and critical tool that they have provided to their end users.


We can help you with :

  • Managing Power Platform Environments
  • Data Loss Preventions.
  • Managing the Platform Connectors
  • Security, Roles and Permissions
  • Branding
  • Azure Right Management
  • Optimising Data Verse
  • ALM (Application Life Cycle Management)
  • Development Best Practices
  • Performances Optimisation
Managing Environments (Dev, UAT & Prod)

It is important to set up separate environments for different purposes to ensure that development, user acceptance testing (UAT), and production data and applications are isolated from each other. Each environment can have its own unique configurations, such as connectors, data sources, and permissions. We can assist you in defining and configuring these environments and optimizing their isolation.

DLP – Data Loss Prevention

It is important to consider that non-technical users may have access to powerful tools and connectors, which can pose a significant risk of data leakage, either intentionally or unintentionally. To mitigate this risk, we can perform an audit of your environment and provide recommendations or actionable policies to prevent any loss of data. This will help you have better control over what your users can or cannot do with your organization’s data.

Application Life Cycle Management

If you need to move your applications between different environments, we can assist you in setting up an effective Application Life Cycle process. This process ensures that the solutions are verified and pushed between environments in a proper manner. We will design and develop a CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipeline to speed up the deployment process while maintaining a reasonable level of control. We will also introduce a wrapper around your applications to simplify the process further.

Security (Roles and Permissions)

It is not sufficient to simply create impressive business applications. Security should be incorporated into the design of the application, rather than being added as a layer of controls at the end of the development process. Our team can provide assistance with implementing best practices and adopting the principle of minimum privileges, which will create a secure environment for both your applications and users, and give your IT administrators peace of mind.

Performances’ Optimisation

When developing business applications, it is essential to prioritize performance as much as security and look and feel. Performance issues are often caused by problems in the back-end data sources or developer logic.
We offer an auditing service to help you pinpoint the root causes of your performance issues. Our team will provide technical fixes and development best practices for your in-house developers to improve the overall performance of your applications.

Development Best Practices

Power Platform is designed for power users who have a basic understanding of programming concepts like variables, loops, and data manipulation. However, our team can provide workshops or one-to-one meetings to educate users on the best practices and recommendations for developing the platform and utilizing its capabilities more effectively.

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