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Project tracking with SharePoint

ProjeX is a custom SharePoint solution developed and designed to record and track your projects in SharePoint. As SharePoint has already some limited functionalities around the project management, we have enhanced those capabilities, by:

Building a new user interface that provides the users with a very rich and user-friendly interface that facilitates and simplifies the projects’ tracking tasks.
A set of advanced back-end functionalities to enhance the existing SharePoint functionalities, such as column level security, partial data viewing, aggregated views from different lists …etc.


The solution has been designed and architected as follow:

  • The data has been saved in different SharePoint Lists
  • All the configurable parts of the system are also saved in different SharePoint Lists.
  • We used the SharePoint security and permissions model as the first layer of data security, the second, more robust layer, was built around the application, where we implemented field-level security, data access logging …etc.
  • We removed the direct access to the back end lists (except for certain users), and implemented a redirection to the ProjeX home pages.
  • On top of those data sources, we have developed an entirely new user interface using Bootstrap, CSS, JS, JQuery.
  • The data access (CRUD) from the user interface and the back end is ensured by SP.JS the built-in JavaScript library for SharePoint.
projex sharepoint management solution

Technologies used

The solution was built using mainly Microsoft technologies. Being a SharePoint solution, we used the following technologies:

  • SharePoint
  • Power Automates
  • SP.JS
  • Bootstrap, CSS3 & JS: For the front end
  • Other JS frameworks.
microsoft sharepoint solutions
JaVa Script
html css solution


More details

Development time

256_256_dev_time (Demo)

The whole solution was built from scratch (without the data import) in 3 months, including the tests, demo, and user training.


This solution has been built for Rolls Royce.

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