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Microsoft SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint

We have been passionate about Microsoft SharePoint since the early versions, starting from 2007 (Wss 3.0), all the way up to SharePoint Online, including SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016.
Our expertise and enthusiasm for SharePoint have enabled us to conduct and deliver successful projects, covering various aspects of SharePoint, from deployment, configuration, administration, to custom design and development of complex solutions.
Our experience includes:

  • Migration projects from older SharePoint versions (on-prem or online) to newer versions
  • Converting legacy processes into modern business applications
  • Improving user adoption, and overall satisfaction around the platform
  • Auditing and analyzing the platform to provide security and performance recommendations
  • Intranet design and development.
  • Users and champions training.
Installation & Configuration

If you are looking to install SharePoint on your premises (in your data center or Microsoft Azure), or opt for the online version (Office365), we can help you design the appropriate architecture that caters to your current and future needs, while taking into account the limitations of your IT environment. We can also carry out the installation and configuration process for you.


If you are looking to upgrade your old version of SharePoint to the latest one, whether it is on-premises or online, we can help you with a thorough audit of your current SharePoint environment. Based on our findings, we will plan and execute a seamless migration for you in a record time. Additionally, any custom solutions that you might have can be re-written and migrated to the new version as well.

Information Architecture

After setting up your SharePoint tenant, the next crucial step is to establish a solid Information Architecture. This includes analyzing your existing structure and determining the appropriate content types, views, metadata, custom search, document library structure, and site collection structure to implement in your environment. A well-planned Information Architecture will ensure that your SharePoint environment functions effectively and efficiently.

Custom Development

We can develop customized solutions using CSOM and JSOM technologies such as SP.JS, SPFx, Angular, and others. Our Microsoft certified developers can design and write an optimal solution for you, in case the Out of the box capabilities fail to meet your needs.

Audit & Optimization

If you are experiencing slow performance or unexpected issues with your SharePoint environment, there could be several reasons why this is happening. Our team is here to conduct an audit of your environment and identify the root cause of the problem. Once we have identified the issues, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan to address each one of them and improve the performance of your SharePoint environment.


SharePoint needs continuous administration and maintenance, from security to document management. We can help by taking responsibility or advising best practices.

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