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Microsoft SharePoint

We have been in love with Microsoft SharePoint since the early versions (2007 (Wss 3.0), to SharePoint 2010, 2013 , 2016 & SharePoint Online).
Our enthusiasm and expertise of SharePoint  helped use conducting and successfully delivering  different projects touching the different aspects of SharePoint, from the deployment, configuration, administration all the way to the custom design and development of complex solutions.

  • Migration projects (from older SharePoint versions, On-prem or online to newer versions).
  • Converting legacy processes into modern business applications.
  • Improve user adoption and overall satisfaction around the platform.
  • Audit and analysis of the platform with security and performances recommendations.
  • Intranet design and development.
  • Users and champions trainings.
Installation & Configuration

Whether you want to install SharePoint locally (in your DC or Microsoft Azure), or Online (Office365), we can design the adequate architecture to fullfill your current and future needs and limitations of your IT environment. And conduct the actual installation and configuration for you.


If you want to migrate your legacy SharePoint to the latest version (on-prem or online), we conduct an audit of the current state, and plan a smooth migration in a record time. Any custom solution can be re-written and migrated to the new version.

Information Architecture

Once you have your SharePoint tenant in place. The information Architecture consists one of the most important building blocks of your environment. We analyse your structure and provide the appropriate content types, views, meta data, custom search and the structure of your document libraries and site collections.

Custom Development

Using CSOM and JSOM technologies (SP.JS, SPFx, Angular …etc), we can develop any custom solution if the Out of the box capabilities is unable to satisfy your needs. Our Microsoft certified developers can design and write an optimal solution for you.

Audit & Optimization

Your SharePoint environment might be running slow or not performing as expected. Many reasons might cause the degradation of the performances. Our job will be to audit your environment and figure out what is caused the performance issues. Once those issues are highlighted, we provide an approach to resolve each one of them.


SharePoint requires continuous administration and maintenance. From the security aspects to the optimal use of your documents management solution. We can help you achieve this by either taking this responsibility or advising on the best practices to use.

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