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Microsoft Learning Pathways

Microsoft has released recently a new solution which provides your users with official training material from Microsoft around the different products (Word, Excel, SharePoint, One Drive, Teams …etc.)

The Microsoft Learning Pathways (MLP) can be easily deployed in a new site collection, the deployment has been made as simple as a two clicks button from the LookBook portal.

We have recently deployed the MLP to different clients and conducted a full customisation (branding) to provide a user friendly training portal.
Microsoft Learning Pathways

How to deploy MLP ?

Deploying the Microsoft Learning Pathways could not be made any easier.

By navigating to the SharePoint Look Book portal, you can select “Add to your tenant”
*You need to be a tenant admin to deploy the MLP

You will need to provide the email address and provide  the unique site collection’s name for the MLP to be deployed in.

Click “Provision” to finalise the deployment.

Hooraaa ! You got your Microsoft Learning Pathways.

At this time you can start enjoying the official content that is provided and kept up to date by Microsoft.

We made the most of your Microsoft Learning Pathways

The out of the box Microsoft Learning Pathways solution can be customised and adapted to your organisation’s brand.

At the end, the solution is a SharePoint site collection and :

Customising a SharePoint site is something we love doing !

Our results

Here is a collection of screenshots of what we’ve done with Microsoft Learning Pathways, by applying different styling and custom Sharepoint pages.

In addition to the default content, we enriched the Microsoft Learning Pathways with additional content to cover the applications not being included in the Out of the Box MLP such as (Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Bi, Visio, Project, Lists, ToDo, My Analytics …etc.)

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