Consulting & Audit

Consulting Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint

LogiSam proposes to you a service of consulting and of assistance for the plannification, the deployment and the maintain of your Microsoft platforms SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint through the knowledge of its certified and recognized experts. Whether it is for a new architecture, an optimization of current performances, platforms updates etc.; we assist you for all the phases of the projects SQL Server and SharePoint.

LogiSam Développement de solutions informatiques

Analysis and planification

It is crucial to plan well your architecture before spending large sums in licenses or inadequate servers, or on architecture which does not take in consideration your exact needs and the constraints jobs.

Therefore, we propose you our services of:

  • Analysis: Studies of the needs and intepretation of the constraints jobs
  • Planification: Modelling of the architecture and definition of the material and software needs
LogiSam Développement de solutions informatiques

Deployment and configuration

After the definition of the material, software and the architectures of your platforms needs, we proceed to the deployment and the configuration of your services and we provide you with an operational environement key in hand.

  • Installation: Installation of the prerequisites and the systems SQL Server and SharePoint on your servers.
  • Configuration: Configuration post-installation of the various aspects of security, execution of the services, logging etc.
LogiSam Développement de solutions informatiques

Optimization and maintenance

It is not sufficient to have the good architecture, the successful material and the intact configuration, it is necessary to maintain regularly your servers by keeping an eye on the logs of performances and try to optimize regularly the quality of your services.

  • Optimization: According to the data collected in your logs, we can propose to you actions to optimize the times of answers, space out storage, replication and security of the accesses.
  • Maintenance: Whether it is for the material or the software, we assist you to maintain up to date your installations by applying patches; updates and material optimization.