LogiMail 365

LogiMail 365

With the remote work becoming more and more the new normal, and the huge and quick adoption of Teams, we have noticed a gap in the tools suite offered to your users. While Teams is great, no question asked for ad-hoc communications (calls, chats, and collaboration), there is still a need for constant interaction with your Emails.

We’ve have noticed users over time, and spotted a big time waste and lost of concentration in context-switching between Teams and Outlook.

This constant switch reduces considerably your teams efficiency and productivity. And this is exactly what we are trying to fixe with LogiMail 365
Built as a custom Teams Application, LogiMail 365 integrates smoothly with your Teams Client (Web or Desktop) and allows users to check their emails, reply and send new emails right from the place where they spend the biggest part of their day at work.

A simple and user friendly solution to interact with your mailbox, send and receive emails right from Microsoft Teams

Improve Teams Adoption and reduce time switching between Teams and Outlook