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Is IT Chaos a good or bad thing ?

Is IT Chaos a good or bad thing ?

Chaos leads to innovation !

IT Chaos can be the result of multiple factors, usually we start feeling it when:

  • The IT Team is overwhelmed,
  • Multiple providers to deal with
  • Different solutions requiring a variety of skills to maintain.
  • Confused users with a multitude of software solutions.

T Chaos can be a good thing ! Really ?

  • It can lead to innovation
  • If you have a culture of change, and recognise challenges with the help of a good leadership.
  • Chaos can be driven internally, or the result of changes in the market, leadership, technology, competition or business need.

It can trigger big IT Changes, usually these changes will review the current process, document them and improve them.

While going through the process of addressing the IT Chaos, a lot of overlap in functionalities and business functions can be identified, inefficiency in IT spends highlighted, and if conducted property, a massive review and optimization can result in:

  • Better understanding of business processes,
  • Reduction in IT spendings
  • Optimization of the underlaying technology later, which leads to an optimised use of the tools and capabilities available to your users
  • Happier users, better productivity and improved focus.


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