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SharePoint Intranet Design

SharePoint Webby style design

In this project, we were asked to design a nice and user friendly SharePoint intranet for one of our client.

The main project consisted in the development of a landing page, which was the global map with clickable icons pointing to different countries’ site collections.

Using modern client side technologies such as bootstrap, javascript and css, we came with this design which looks nothing like SharePoint.


Used technologies in SharePoint Intranet Design

We have used couple of programming languages and technologies to achieve this result such as:

  • BootStrap to ensure the responsivity and mobile friendliness.
  • CSS3 and HTML5 for the pages skeletons
  • SP.JS and JavaScript for the SharePoint access, where we had some underlying lists which drive the design such as the list of icons, or links.

We also integrated different RSS, Yammer and Twitter feeds for the communication part.

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