Web referencing

Our experience in optimization of Web sites brought to us to the development of a method of work adapted to the particular challenges of the referencing which consists of an iterative process of continuous improvement. It is in fact about an adaptation free of the methodology of agile programming which consists in decomposing development projects into short repetitive buckles. Maybe some people will see also a strong influencecoming from trends such as “ean manufacturing, Six Sigma etc. The various stages of development are:


Analysis of key words

Working at the keywords level is a continuous process for all the life cycle of a Web site. However, an initial audit allowing to reveal all the keywords used in the sector aimed by the site turns out essential. It allows to reveal without confusion the exact words and the way they are used in the researches.

configuration18 Fast indexation

The safest and the fastest way of indexing a Web site in the big search engines is not the free submission nor the paying but the good submission to obtain incoming links from other Web sites. Preferably, these links should result from quality Web sites which are in advantageous position in search engines and are regularly visited by the robots of indexation on the lookout for fresh contents. 

Several effective methods exist to obtain these first incoming links which allow a new Web site to be quickly indexed. Neither the manual referencing, nor the priority referencing are a part of it.

business183 Audit of positioning

The audit of positioning of the Web site is interested in the various positionings obtained in search results on all the aimed keywords. It is here also about a work of constant follow-up but it is necessary to measure to know the state of the current positioning. It is important to understand that the positioning confronts page by page on each of the keywords aimed by these. A software of follow-up of the referencing is generally necessary to make the work correctly.

circular258 The invisible web

In certain conditions, a Web site can remain unknown in search engines. For example, if no other Web site points a link towards it, the robots of indexation cannot simply end in it. This Web site finds itself isolated and lives in what it is advisable to call ” invisible Web “.

LogiSam Développement de solutions informatiques

A recent survey found that over 80% of companies use the web to find suppliers and products. It is therefore vital for your company to enhance your web presence to appear alongside your competitors even before them.
Optimizing your site and its positioning on the search engines is a necessary action to take if you want to improve your visibility on the Internet.You can have the most beautiful site in the world, if nobody sees it, or are is of interest, it is of no utilité.Un efficient work and an appropriate marketing strategy will allow you to drain the extra traffic, increase very significantly the number of qualified visitors to your site and position yourself face competition.