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The cell SQL Consulting is constituted of expert consultants SQL Server certified by Microsoft after several years of experience in the field of the audit and consulting and occurring only within the framework of missions of short-term expertise.

For 4 years, consultants specialized only in the field of DBMS(DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), were able to capitalize knowledge bases and technical approach (of audit of performance, implementation of architecture high availability etc.) allowing to intervene more quickly (reduction of the number of days and thus the final cost of the service) and more effectively.

Microsoft SQL Server - LogiSam

The experience of our consultants associated with the use of our technical methodologies guarantee you the best quality service with the best cost. We propose you our services in the following domains:

SharePoint, SQL Server architecture - LogiSam


The DBA Microsoft SQL Server of LogiSam shares with you their experience feedback to accompany you on the following interventions:

  • Definition or review of architecture
  • Capacity schedule
  • Technical recipe, tests of load increase
  • Personalized training
  • Support of developers
  • High responsibility, high sensibility of the data
  • Sensitive contexts, security, high availability (cluster, log shipping, Always On)


  • Audit of maintenance
  • Definition and implementation of plans of maintenance
  • Definition and implementation of business recovery plan of activity ( PRA)
  • Definition and implementation of plan of continuity of activity ( PCA)
  • Exploitation, production, daily maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Installation of infrastructures of high availability (Cluster, geography-cluster, mirroring, replication, log shipping, Always On)

Our interventions concern the versions SQL Server on 2012, SQL Server 2008R2, SQL Server on 2008 and SQL Server on 2005.


  • Migration of version
  • Migration from another editor (Oracle, Sybase)
  • Modelling, design of database, revision of model
  • Development Transact-SQL
  • Consolidation, rationalization of infrastructure, cost cutting of infrastructure
  • Archiving of the data


Our missions of audit SQL Server consist of a mission from 5 to 10 days, according to your environment issues. These missions concern:

  • Audit of performances
  • Audit of maintenance
  • Audit of architecture, infrastructure
  • Optimization

These missions of audit and expertise SQL Server end in a report, presenting a diagnosis, an action plan, an evaluation of load, recommendations on the maintenance, on the development, or on the material, as well as a global budgetary estimation. Our consultants attach a big importance for the credibility and for the relevance of the proposed solutions, and make a commitment to recommend only realistic actions considering your constraints and considering your environment.