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Audit & consulting

We know that your IT installation is crucial for your company. That is why our staff is held in your quoted to accompany you in the definition of your needs and brings you the advice necessary for the optimization of your infrastructure.
We realize several type(chap) of audit: complete, partial or targeted. So, as you need a detailed or global vision, we offer you an adapted and economic solution. Following the phase of audit, we provide you with a report(relationship) of recommendations and we organize a meeting with your dedicated technician, so as to take the measures necessary for the optimization of your platforms as well as the implementation of a strategy on the long term.

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Software audit

We validate the design (structure, documentation, ergonomy) and the fiability of the finished product. For that purpose, we proceed to tests on the data and/or to parallel recalculations to those of the application.

The rehabilitation of an application

We are in the scenario where the dysfunctions of an application leads to a critical situation. It is then necessary to estimate the consequences and to adopt an action plan to reconstitute the data.

Project audit

It happens that a project meets diverse difficulties which require a diagnosis and an action plan:
– Conflict with the integrator with risk of a dispute.
– Overrun of budget or schedule, dissatisfaction of the users during the recipe.
– Non-quality report of the data migrated before starting up, etc.

Project cost audit

Frequently, a project does not have time to be 50 % of completion that its budget is already consumed in 110 %. This type of intervention has for object to make a technical balance assessment and a new budget guideline. According to these elements, the project is pursued or abandoned.